Top Eight Famous Folks You Didn’t Know Were From North Wales!

There are a fair few few famous folk who are well known as originating in North Wales.

We all know that John Prescott hails from these parts and that Duffy flew from here to the big time, and then seemingly to nowhere just as fast.

But there are quite a few that you may have no idea about! Here are eight!

1. Dawn French! 


Dawn French was born in Holyhead! And she went on to huge success as a double act with Jennifer Saunders and then as The Vicar Of Dibley. She is hugely successful and a wonderful person and we’re all very proud of her!

2. Carol Vorderman 


That’s right the Carol Vorderman! Though she was, admittedly, born in Bedford she moved to Prestatyn only three weeks after she was born as her parents broke up (that didn’t last long!). She is a mathematical genius and a brilliant person! Well done Carol!

3. Ian Fraser ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister


Recently deceased, Lemmy from Moterhead, as he’s known, was one of the longest running stalwarts of the world music scene. An absolute legend, we love Lemmy and so did the world. Though Lemmy was born in Staffordshire he moved to Anglesey very early on. Good for you Lemmy! Rest In Peace.

4. Ian Rush


I think maybe we all know that one.

5. Jonathan Pryce!

Johnathan Pryce was born in Hollyhead and made his name on the stage in Liverpool, but he is now a huge star with big roles in all types of international franchises such as James Bond, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Game Of Thrones. GO WALES!

6. Lisa Scott-Lee


Yeah! From Steps!

7. Terry Jones


The very special funny man who was a big part of the Monty Python crew that revolutionised modern comedy. And he was born in Colwyn Bay! Yeah!

8. Timothy Dalton


James Bond! James Bond is from North Wales! And so is his bad guy in Tomorrow Never Dies!

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