Pay-Per-View, Pay-As-You-Go, Pay-Pay-Pay, Pay-Per-Click- F-F-S!

Pay, Pay, Pay.

That’s all we seem to do these days.

It’s become how we define ourselves, how we build our identities and supposedly how we construct society. But it’s a tacit approval of the world where all that matters is money, money and, oh yeah, more bloody money! 


It has taken the place of blood.

Blood no longer matters, no longer holds any weight, no longer does anything or helps anything or anything or anything. It’s all crap, you know? On your phone you pay as you go, I saw a sign saying ‘pay-per-click Liverpool‘, I see these things all the time. I see them because I’m looking, what am I looking at? Well, I’m looking at the slow death of humanity. I’m looking at the perversion of all our desires for safety and closeness into commodified humanity. Your clicks are something people pay for, what about your hugs? WHAT ABOUT YOUR HUGS????


Well my hugs are worth a lot. They are worth so much. More than my clicks!

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