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Flying Into Wales?

Holiday’s can be tough.

You fly into your chosen destination, get out, grab a cab and head to your hotel.

Once there you look at your watch and try to figure what time it is back where you’re from. Maybe you’ve travelled for 3 hours to reach your destination, maybe you’ve travelled even longer. Perhaps when you left your home you’d just had dinner. On the flight you were given sandwiches, but you weren’t hungry enough to eat. You touch down in a foreign land and you’re famished, but everyone’s eating weird breakfast stuff that you just don’t like the look of.

Your friends tell you that you should get some sleep.

‘Jet lag’s a bitch’, they all joke and you realise that they all have bags under their eyes. Splashing some water on your face, you see that you’ve got them as well. Your skin’s pallid and there’s an odd scratching at the back of your throat – maybe you’re coming down with something…just need to sleep – but you can’t. As soon as your head hits the pillow, there’s a knock on the door and you’ve got to pack your things and head to the coach that will take you on your tour of Wales. You’re not excited – you’re tired. All you want is fresh air and freedom but you’ve booked ahead and you know what to expect:  stale coach smell, hordes of tourists and identikit hotels.

Where did you go wrong?

There’s something to be said about opting for the road less travelled. Before you consider booking yourself an all-expenses paid trip to Wales, why not consider driving yourself around instead?

Instead of flying direct to your Welsh destination – fly in further up North. Hire a car at the airport: a safe little number, or perhaps something a little more…daring. Before you head on your road trip to Wales, drop your new ride off at some convenient Airport parking, then explore a Northern city for half a day. Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester – take your pick, these towns all have their own unique flavour and vibe – all well worth exploring.

Once you’ve had your fill of the metropolitan North then jump into your fresh set of wheels and head South to Wales. Push hard on the accelerator and allow yourself to be driven away across the black straight tarmac of the motorways and onto the smooth, winding roads of Wales.

Wind the window down, put on your shades and lean one elbow out of the window.

Let yourself smile – sing along to the radio. This is your holiday, you should be able to do whatever the hell you like. Pull out that mix CD that your ex-girlfriend from High School burnt you, way back in the 90s when people still listened to real music. There’s drums, guitars and a snarling voice. It’s Kurt Cobain and he’s snarling and yowling; you can’t remember the words but it doesn’t matter.

Faster and faster you drive. You check your speedometer, you’re only pushing 50 miles per hour – it feels faster than that.

When you eventually make it back to your home country, you can still feel the Welsh breeze in your hair. Your mouth hurts from smiling and you have an insatiable urge to listen to Nirvana.

Now that’s what you call a holiday.

Snowdonia National Park – Simply Breathtaking!

Snowdonia has to be one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Wales.

With a National Park stretching across 823 square miles and home to over 26,000 people, it’s one hell of a place!

Snowdonia National Park is the largest National Park in Wales,  has the highest mountain in England or Wales, and Wales’ largest natural lake. Explore cute villages such as Beddgelert and Betws y Coed, although be aware that many of the locals speak Welsh!

Thousands flock every year to take in the breathtaking views and healthy outdoor activities that the National Park has to offer. Catch the wildlife of the area, its cultural heritage and its natural beauty.

There are many tours and guided walks to participate in and around Snowdonia, from underground adventures to tours on working farms, with narrow gauge railway trips breaking everything up. If you feel adventurous you can even try out white water rafting!

If you’re more interested in historic sites, we have some of those too! King Edward I campaigned across Wales during the 13th century, building castles and walls which would help to keep the Welsh out of England.  Ten castles were built to form a “ring of stone” around Wales, thus keeping the rebellious Welsh out of England. Many of these castles have been preserved as historic sites, which  means you can admire the cheekiness of the English even now!

If you’re up for a more active holiday, why not try one of Snowdonia’s many exciting activities, including rafting? There are lots of inland lakes in Snowdonia, most notably Llyn Tegid in Bala, a great spot for canoeing, sailing and windsurfing!  Llyn Gwynant nearby can be recognised as a location from Tombraider II and offers canoeing, rafting and kayaking. If you feel brave you can be introduced to white water rafting here, or simply hone your skills!

If you’d like something more sedate, there is some excellent fishing to be had.

Snowdonia has more than one hundred lakes across it, all of which are just a little bit different – from the largest natural like in Wales, Llyn Tegid, to the beautifully glacial Llyn Cwellyn, most are well-stocked with fish.

Trawsfynydd lake is home to international fishing competitions, and is easily one of the best fishing spots in Wales. There is also plenty of river fishing in the region, offering wild brown trout, sea trout and lots, and lots, of salmon., as well as the 300km of coastline where shore and sea fishing abounds.

There’s no end to the exciting possibilities of Snowdonia – visit now!

Pay-Per-View, Pay-As-You-Go, Pay-Pay-Pay, Pay-Per-Click- F-F-S!

Pay, Pay, Pay.

That’s all we seem to do these days.

It’s become how we define ourselves, how we build our identities and supposedly how we construct society. But it’s a tacit approval of the world where all that matters is money, money and, oh yeah, more bloody money! 


It has taken the place of blood.

Blood no longer matters, no longer holds any weight, no longer does anything or helps anything or anything or anything. It’s all crap, you know? On your phone you pay as you go, I saw a sign saying ‘pay-per-click Liverpool‘, I see these things all the time. I see them because I’m looking, what am I looking at? Well, I’m looking at the slow death of humanity. I’m looking at the perversion of all our desires for safety and closeness into commodified humanity. Your clicks are something people pay for, what about your hugs? WHAT ABOUT YOUR HUGS????


Well my hugs are worth a lot. They are worth so much. More than my clicks!

Top Eight Famous Folks You Didn’t Know Were From North Wales!

There are a fair few few famous folk who are well known as originating in North Wales.

We all know that John Prescott hails from these parts and that Duffy flew from here to the big time, and then seemingly to nowhere just as fast.

But there are quite a few that you may have no idea about! Here are eight!

1. Dawn French! 


Dawn French was born in Holyhead! And she went on to huge success as a double act with Jennifer Saunders and then as The Vicar Of Dibley. She is hugely successful and a wonderful person and we’re all very proud of her!

2. Carol Vorderman 


That’s right the Carol Vorderman! Though she was, admittedly, born in Bedford she moved to Prestatyn only three weeks after she was born as her parents broke up (that didn’t last long!). She is a mathematical genius and a brilliant person! Well done Carol!

3. Ian Fraser ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister


Recently deceased, Lemmy from Moterhead, as he’s known, was one of the longest running stalwarts of the world music scene. An absolute legend, we love Lemmy and so did the world. Though Lemmy was born in Staffordshire he moved to Anglesey very early on. Good for you Lemmy! Rest In Peace.

4. Ian Rush


I think maybe we all know that one.

5. Jonathan Pryce!

Johnathan Pryce was born in Hollyhead and made his name on the stage in Liverpool, but he is now a huge star with big roles in all types of international franchises such as James Bond, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Game Of Thrones. GO WALES!

6. Lisa Scott-Lee


Yeah! From Steps!

7. Terry Jones


The very special funny man who was a big part of the Monty Python crew that revolutionised modern comedy. And he was born in Colwyn Bay! Yeah!

8. Timothy Dalton


James Bond! James Bond is from North Wales! And so is his bad guy in Tomorrow Never Dies!

Visit North Wales

Our part of the world is a beautiful one, one that should be valued, admired and, most importantly, visited!


We are very much all about promoting our region here at Stapleton’s Chantry because we believe in our region and believe that we can make our region the best region it can be.  

A big part of that is not just cultivating attractions and developing the experiences you can have when you come here but trying to tell you! Trying to tell you what is happening here, trying to tell you what you can do here, trying to tell you that here is where your next holiday belongs. The people who do that work, the work of promoting the whole thing we are trying to do here, deserve to be promoted themselves, people such as Visit North Wales, who promote all things to do in North Wales relentlessly and insightfully.

Because, whilst it grates somewhat with our natural modesty and humbleness, we have to shout about how great we are and kick up some fuss about just how great we are! Because we are super great! We are the most beautiful and amazing people living in the most beautiful and amazing place! Yeah!

And the people over at Visit North Wales seem to agree…

Days Out With The Family

Family matters.

Family having fun in countryside

They are also hard to get rid of just before a holiday.

This means that many people actually have to take their family with them on their holiday, which is a pretty unfortunate situation for them. Along come the kids with all their screaming and crying, their yelling and running, their incessant and inane laughter. Boring, boring, exhausting and boring. But, again, that’s just the reality of life isn’t it?

You try your best and then you try some more,

You wipe the sick up off the floor.

You shout all day then close your eyes and well,

wait for another day of hell.

You spend all your money and spend all your dreams,

to the smell of shit and the sound of screams.

Then you send them away and they don’t bother to phone,

leaving you lying there, dying alone.

North Wales is a fantastic place for a family holiday!

You really must and really should come here. Why not check out GreenWood Forest Park? GreenWood is lots and lots of fun for children. It includes the countries only solar powered roller coaster. There’s also a tunnel warren, longbow archery, a Crockidile maze, an enchanted wood barn, trampolines, donkey rides, moon karts and more and more stuff!

 greenwood forest park map

It’s quite a place, you should go there!