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Flying Into Wales?

Holiday’s can be tough.

You fly into your chosen destination, get out, grab a cab and head to your hotel.

Once there you look at your watch and try to figure what time it is back where you’re from. Maybe you’ve travelled for 3 hours to reach your destination, maybe you’ve travelled even longer. Perhaps when you left your home you’d just had dinner. On the flight you were given sandwiches, but you weren’t hungry enough to eat. You touch down in a foreign land and you’re famished, but everyone’s eating weird breakfast stuff that you just don’t like the look of.

Your friends tell you that you should get some sleep.

‘Jet lag’s a bitch’, they all joke and you realise that they all have bags under their eyes. Splashing some water on your face, you see that you’ve got them as well. Your skin’s pallid and there’s an odd scratching at the back of your throat – maybe you’re coming down with something…just need to sleep – but you can’t. As soon as your head hits the pillow, there’s a knock on the door and you’ve got to pack your things and head to the coach that will take you on your tour of Wales. You’re not excited – you’re tired. All you want is fresh air and freedom but you’ve booked ahead and you know what to expect: ┬ástale coach smell, hordes of tourists and identikit hotels.

Where did you go wrong?

There’s something to be said about opting for the road less travelled. Before you consider booking yourself an all-expenses paid trip to Wales, why not consider driving yourself around instead?

Instead of flying direct to your Welsh destination – fly in further up North. Hire a car at the airport: a safe little number, or perhaps something a little more…daring. Before you head on your road trip to Wales, drop your new ride off at some convenient Airport parking, then explore a Northern city for half a day. Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester – take your pick, these towns all have their own unique flavour and vibe – all well worth exploring.

Once you’ve had your fill of the metropolitan North then jump into your fresh set of wheels and head South to Wales. Push hard on the accelerator and allow yourself to be driven away across the black straight tarmac of the motorways and onto the smooth, winding roads of Wales.

Wind the window down, put on your shades and lean one elbow out of the window.

Let yourself smile – sing along to the radio. This is your holiday, you should be able to do whatever the hell you like. Pull out that mix CD that your ex-girlfriend from High School burnt you, way back in the 90s when people still listened to real music. There’s drums, guitars and a snarling voice. It’s Kurt Cobain and he’s snarling and yowling; you can’t remember the words but it doesn’t matter.

Faster and faster you drive. You check your speedometer, you’re only pushing 50 miles per hour – it feels faster than that.

When you eventually make it back to your home country, you can still feel the Welsh breeze in your hair. Your mouth hurts from smiling and you have an insatiable urge to listen to Nirvana.

Now that’s what you call a holiday.