• Welcome To Stapleton Chantry

    Welcome To Stapleton Chantry

  • Your Home From Home In North Wales

    Your Home From Home In North Wales

Stapleton Chantry
Stapleton Chantry

North Wales is a magical place. Full of beauty and power and majic. Wonderful people. Excellent food. Stunning landscape. The whole package.

Stapleton Welcomes You!
Stapleton Welcomes You!

There's nothing like a local welcome, at Stapleton that is what we promise, some of that world famous North Wales hospitality.

Adventure Time!
Adventure Time!

North Wales is the place to be for a crazy adventure holiday! We can give you all the hints and tips you need to get some madness out of your time here...

Days Out With The Family

Family matters. They are also hard to get rid of just before a holiday. This means that many people actually have to take their family with them on their holiday, which is a pretty unfortunate situation¬†for them. Along come the kids with all their screaming and crying, their yelling and running, their incessant and inane laughter. Boring, boring, exhausting and boring. But, again, that’s just the reality of life isn’t it?

You try your best and then you try some more,

You wipe the sick up off the floor.

You shout all day then close your eyes and well,

wait for another day of hell.

You spend all your money and spend all your dreams,

to the smell of shit and the sound of screams.

Then you send them away and they don’t bother to phone,

leaving you lying there, dying alone.

Family having fun in countryside

North Wales is a fantastic place for a family holiday! You really must and really should come here. Why not check out GreenWood Forest Park? GreenWood is lots and lots of fun for children. It includes the countries only solar powered roller coaster. There’s also a tunnel warren, longbow archery, a Crockidile maze, an enchanted wood barn, trampolines, donkey rides, moon karts and more and more stuff!

 greenwood forest park map

It’s quite a place, you should go there!