All About The Alabama Scentsy Warmer

If you’re wondering about the Alabama Scentsy warmer, you should know that it’s a brand of scent warmers. While it’s not the only brand of burners of scented candles out there, we think it’s the only brand that you should bother with. Why? Its wickless system means that the scents, and there are eighty of them, last longer than your regular scented candles.

The founder of the Scentsy ABC Warmer started the company after being intrigued by scents. Smelling different fragrances evoked feelings and reminiscences, and it also made it natural for people to talk about their feelings and reminiscences with other people.
The company started to sell their Scentsy items straight to customers through home parties. Scentsy started in 2003 using the simple concept of aromatic candle lights, and decorative wickless warmers where wax is melted through the warmth of the lamp rather than a conventional wick and flame.

Realizing there is something concerning the wickless candle concept, the founder introduced the product to a number of testers. After presenting these to the testers, he left them alone. As he came back an hour or so later, the ladies remained, laughing and discussing reminiscences.

As you can see, Scentsy is one product that can really get you going and get started down memory lane.

If you want to use the Scenty system, you can and should – we promise you won’t regret it. The good thing about this brand is that it’s not terribly expensive. The warmer costs only $40, while the bulbs cost only $2. The scents, on the other hand, are ridiculously cheap at $3.

The good thing about the scents is that there are 80 of them to choose from. So if you get bored with one, you can always try out another one.…

What You Should Know About Ingenuitea Tea Brewer

The Ingenuitea Tea Brewer is probably the most convenient tea pot you will ever find anywhere – we guarantee it. When your tea is ready, simply place the Ingenuitea Tea Brewer at the top of your cup. A valve at the end of the brewer will lower silky smooth tea, as the mesh filter maintains all of the leaves.

Considered among the best tea infusers available on the market, this simple machine is even simpler to wash and is dishwasher safe. When you’ve used it for some time, you’ll question how you could have managed steeping your tea without it. This is made in Taiwan and is made with a plastic that specifically developed for hot-temperature programs.
What are customers saying about product? Most customers love that there’s a detachable filter in the tea brewer, which makes it very easy to clean, as against having the filter suit in to the cup.

Most users agree the product is excellent. It makes the existence of tea drinkers a lot simpler with its excellent value and sleek design. All in all, it’s a fantastic way to make tea, however, you might need to use your own calculating cup as the product does not have lines showing the amount of water inside, for example 4 ounces, 6 ounces, 8 ounces, 10 ounces, etc. In my experience, I filled water inside a calculating cup first and put it in the brewer. It was a little inconvenient but the tea turned out great!

It is something that I use on four to five occasions each day. Filters endure for any very long time. I have been using it for one year now and I’m considering buying another one for one of my tea drinker friends. If you’re a tea drinker, get one for yourself too.…

Finding The Best Contact Lense Solution Coupon

Contact lenses became popular because plenty of people do not prefer the look of wearing glasses. That being said, wearing contacts comes with many responsibilities, such as not wearing them more than the prescribed time as recommended by your eye doctor as well as cleaning and handling them properly. Not doing so can lead to unhygienic situations that eventually lead to eye infections. To keep the contact lense sterile prior to storage, shooting them with a nice stream of solution will be sufficient on both sides. This constant need for good solution can add up costs and a reason why some contact lens wearers consider wearing some glasses again. For those who believe strongly in wearing contacts, the best solution to keep ongoing costs down is to search for a good contact lense solution coupon. What we’ll be talking about here are a few ways to do this consistently and reliably.

So where would you think is the best place to get a renu contact solution coupon? If you said online, you’d be right and for most, the obvious conclusion. When searching though, one will quickly realize that the top results in the search engine may not necessarily be the best or even legitimate coupons so knowing what to look for is key. Be certain to read the fine print of any deal since while at first the coupon may seem great, the need for purchasing other things or even the possibility of being entered into a monthly payment may occur. This is when the first purchase of solution would be very cheap, but subsequent monthly shipments would be equal to or way more than you would pay at retail.

If you have a favorite brand, subscribe to their newsletters online. There you will find that they will email you great coupons that can be applied regularly. Also, visit your local drug stores as almost weekly, there are coupons available that you should use to stock up on when possible. As you can see, we’ve only briefly discussed ways to get good coupons for your contact lense solution. Research online for even more and use our tips to get the best.…

Have Fun With A Hand Ice Cream Maker

Who does not love ice cream? It is practically a universal dessert loved by kids and adults around the world. When you want ice cream, you probably just go to your supermarket to pick up some. However, you may not see the flavors that you like. Also, you do not know how long the ice cream has been sitting in the grocer’s freezer. If you want truly great tasting ice cream, you should try making it yourself. You can do so with a hand ice cream maker.

This is making ice cream the old-fashioned way by using salt and ice as the cooling agents and cranking the ice cream maker to mix the ingredients. Although there are motorized ice cream makers on the market, the hand-powered type does have advantages.

For one thing, it does not require electricity. That means you can take it anywhere to make your ice cream. What about taking it along on your picnic? You can make ice cream right at the picnic table.

Get the kids involved. Help them measure out the ingredients and put them in the inner bowl. Put the ice and the salt in the outer container. Then, have the kids take turns cranking it. It will take some effort, but they will have a lot of fun in the process. The result will be a scrumptious ice cream that will taste better than anything that you can buy from the store. And, the fact that the kids contributed to the effort will make it taste so much better.

Not using electricity is also a greener way to make your dessert. There is no waste of electricity. There is no worry about a power-outage spoiling your ice cream making fun. All you need is your arm muscles, and you have all the power you need.

Hand ice cream makers are also usually less expensive than motorized types. You also do not have to worry about electrical parts failing. The manual makers often last longer than their motorized counterparts because of this very reason.

Making ice cream the manual way does take longer. So, be mindful of that if you are considering a purchase.

Regardless of which type of ice cream maker you use, homemade ice cream will taste a lot better than what you can buy in the store. You can get very creative in coming up with your own flavors. Experiment with various flavorings, candies, cookie crumbles, and even various spices. You never know what delectable flavors you can come up with.

Making ice cream by hand is a great family activity. It makes a great gift for anyone who loves ice cream. The hand crank will make you feel a bit nostalgic as you make ice cream the way it use to be made a hundred years ago. Have an ice cream making party and see who can come up with the most creative flavors. You are sure to enjoy making and eating your creation.…

The Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender


A hand held blender is a kitchen tool that is used to mix, whisk and blend food items. It is sometimes used instead of a table top blender for its mobility and for when food materials do not need to be blended at a high speed. In the case of this article we are reviewing the Smart Stick hand blender by Cuisinart. In this article we will discuss price, function, reviews and our recommendation. Readers can expect to learn everything they need to know about this product before purchasing it. Please enjoy this article and contact us if you have any questions.

Price Range

Price is big factor for most people and they don’t want to spend their hard earned money on things that do not work. Well, do not worry because this blender is priced relatively low, it works great and it is well reviewed. The three things listed in the last sentence are what you should look for in any item that you are buying. In this case the Cuisinart smart stick hand blender is very affordable and it works well. You can’t always find that combination but this blender has it all– price and function. Do not fear buying this product.

What Owners Think

People who have bought and actually used this hand held blender love it. We found nothing but positive Cuisinart smart stick reviews which is rare. We are use to seeing some bad reviews but with this blender the majority of people who own it love it. In our world that means a lot. Having consensus in the reviews is a big deal and signals to the the worth of this blender. When we checked reviews we found out that 4.6 out of 5 stars is the rating that this blender has, that is perfect and puts this blender in the buy column.

Our conclusion is that the Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender is a great buy. We believe it is a great buy based on the things that we have shared in this article. The first thing that makes it a good buy is that it is so well reviewed. We aren’t talking about a few 100 reviews either but almost 2000 reviews with a 4.6 rating. That many people cannot be wrong. The second reason why we think that it is a buy is because of the relatively low price.…

LG Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement Made Easy

The next time you notice a different taste in the water or ice from your LG refrigerator, do not panic. You can easily buy the correct LG refrigerator water filter replacement and install it yourself. There is no need to call in an appliance technician. There is no need to hunt for tools to do the job, either.

Here are the easy steps to replacing your filter. First, go through LG’s website to find the replacement for your refrigerator. Stock up. Buy several at a time so you always have a replacement handy. You should replace the water filter about every six months. You can also choose to sign up for automatic replacement service. LG will send you a supply of filters if you sign up for a renewal plan.

Next, to access the old filter, open your refrigerator and remove items from the top shelf. You also want to remove the shelf itself, so you have more room to access the filter casing which is located near the light. You want to remove the cover, and then turn the filter while pulling it down and out of the casing.

Then, take the new filter and remove the protective covering from the o-rings. Make sure they are not broken or damaged, and push the filter with the tabs going horizontally into the manifold hole. Turn it so that it is secure and close the filter cover.

Now, run the dispenser for several minutes on and off again. This dispenses water so that contaminants are flushed out. Your filter system is now ready to use and ready to give you the fresh, pure water and ice you need. It is easy to get clean water from your LG refrigerators water filter replacement, and it is even easier to replace the filter.…

Tips For Cleaning A Toilet With Clorox Bleach

Clorox Bleach has been around for many years and is used to clean everything from counters to baby toys. Many people don’t realize that Clorox is the perfect solution to clean your toilets with as well. Clorox is a powerful solution however, so you need to make sure that you clean with it in the right way, so that you don’t get sick.

Below you will find some tips on how to clean your toilet with clorox bleach.

Make Sure To Ventilate

Good ventilation is an absolute must when you are using Clorox. Make sure to open the windows and turn on the fan in the bathroom before you even pour the Clorox in the toilet.

Use Rubber Gloves

You will want to use rubber gloves at all times when you are cleaning your toilet. You should remove any seat covers and flush the toilet, so that water drips down the sides.

Pour The Solution

Pour half a cup of Clorox in the water of the toilet and let it sit for approximately 10 minutes. It is best if you leave the room while the bleach sits, since the fumes can make you sick.

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

Scrub the toilet with a toilet brush set and the mixture of water and bleach. Make sure to get under the rim and around the sides, so that any loose debris lands in the water. Then you will want to flush the toilet. You can mix ¾’s a cup of Clorox in water and clean the rest of the toilet this way as well.

These are just a few tips for how to clean your toilet with Clorox. Make sure that you ventilate properly and always wear gloves and your toilet will be sparkling clean in no time at all. Follow safety precautions to a tee, because it can be dangerous.…